Music in School

At St Michael’s we are very proud of our music tradition.

All children in the school have regular music lessons during the year, with each child having the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with their class. In the past three years, children have learnt steel pans, Taiko drums, djembe drums, Samba and xylophones and glockenspiels.

The school has a choir and an orchestra.  We have a strong tradition of performing whenever and wherever we can. In the past, this has included at John Lewis, Heavitree Park, local nursing homes and churches, local high schools and in local music competitions as well as school concerts and in the annual outside ‘Summer Spectacular’. 

In addition, we are very proud to offer the chance to have private music lessons with one of our brilliant peripatetic teachers who visit weekly.

“I started teaching drums at St Michael’s in September 2005 and Fridays just wouldn’t be Fridays without St Michael’s. I really enjoy my work there, it’s a pleasure to be in a pleasant environment that is supportive and that encourages learning but is also aware of the Arts, especially music”.

- Tony Price (drum teacher)